About 09/10/2020 BOE meeting

I have been extremely busy at work and I finally had time to watch September 10, 2020 BOE meeting. Below are my impressions:

1) I appreciate Dr. Martirano’s patience to read the Superintendent’s report three times due to technical difficulties with audio.

2) Happy Birthday, Ms. Coombs!

3) I am glad that HCPSS is working on small group in person teaching program. I hope that our students can safely return back to the classroom soon, especially the students who need it the most. Our children need in person learning and sports. Some teachers may prefer in person teaching as well.

4) It was a total surprise to me when the Student Member of the Board (SMOB) started a motion to remove School Resource Officers (SRO) from the HCPSS schools.

In the Superintendent’s report, Dr. Martirano mentioned that he has been gathering data about SRO from a number of sources and planning a series of dialogue. He will develop a timeline and present to the BOE on Septembe 24, 2020. He asked the board to hold off on any position.

Dr. Martirano’s position was reasonable because data and stakeholder input are all very important element to inform decision making.

What really concerns me was the board voted on a topic that lacks enough information, public discussion among the board members, and public input.

As a statistician, I think the BOE should follow science and data to make sound decisions for the future of Howard County children.