Flowers bloom amid COVID-19 outbreak

Since the announcement of the first case of COVID-19 community transmission in Maryland on March 12, we have suspended all door-knocking and in-person canvassing in order to protect the health of our District 5 neighbors and our volunteers.

As a public health professional, I am also involved in COVID-19 activities. It is a pandemic and we need everyone to work together to #FlattenTheCurve. Howard County Health Department provided very useful tips about Coronavirus (for any questions: call the Health Department at 410-313-6284 or visit The Whitehouse issued coronavirus guidelines for America: 15 days to slow the spread (…/coronavirus-guidelines-america/). Let’s work together to blunt this pandemic.

At the same time, let’s support our local small business, take care and protect our most vulnerable populations. Many local families and local restaurants are experiencing economic stress. Health care professionals are working very hard to protect our community. Our community have brainstormed the possibilities of helping our local restaurants, health care professionals, and vulnerable populations. We are one big family. Together we will get through this crisis and come out as a stronger community!